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Our Story So Far
A short history of McWhinneys famous irish pork sausages.

McWhinneys Sausages is a traditional family business spanning six generations. Today Kevin McWhinney takes pride in producing quality Irish pork sausages with the same care and tradition first adopted by his great great grandfather way back in 1898. For those six generations, the recipes for McWhinneys fine pork sausages have become a closely guarded family secret.

In 1968 Ken McWhinney, the fourth generation, branched away from his father and uncle and opened his own shop in Co Down. Ken's son, Kevin, fifth generation, left school in 1982 to join his father in the family butchery business. The business grew steadily for ten years until 1993 when it had outgrown its premises. Ken purchased a 17000sq. ft factory in Bangor, Co Down, but unfortunately he did not see his dream come to light as he died on the 5th September 1993 at the age of 54.

Kevin McWhinney is proud of his family - and of McWhinneys family pork Sausages. So he was determined to fulfil his father's dream of providing the catering industry with high pork content sausages, firmly believing that quality always wins. So in August 1994, Kevin McWhinney moved his secret recipes and his staff into the new factory and continues to produce his fine family butcher sausages there. It is still very much a family business with his wife Elaine a key director.

Thanks to his sophisticated plant, he can produce millions of sausages every month without compromising on the 19th century family heritage and today McWhinneys Sausages are enjoyed not just in the UK and Ireland but throughout the world in countries such as France, Canada, Turkey and Spain.

Kevin McWhinney, Managaing Director, Elaine McWhinney, Human Resources Director and Scott McWhinney, Business Development, McWhinney’s Sausages Ltd.
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