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What Kevin Says
"The first thing people ask me is why we are more expensive. The answer is simple - we only use the best cuts of pork in our quality McWhinney's Irish Pork Sausages. We believe in quality and we want every outlet - from restaurant to takeaway - to stock McWhinney's, charge more for them and stand back and watch your profits soar through satisfied customers, increase sales and repeat business. We recently employed Wirral Sensory Services, a company which carries out independent consumer research to conduct a survey from over 200 people which proved that the general public overwhelmingly preferred our higher meat content quality Irish Pork Sausage to other well known catering sausages. One of the questions in the survey asked, 'would you be willing to pay more for this product?' The answer overwhelmingly was, 'yes'. It really is an investment. We sell millions of quality Irish Pork Sausages every month and consumers now demand the quality we already deliver. This really is a family business. Our recipes have been handed down from Father to Son for five generations and now my son Scott the sixth generation has joined me in the business which means we'll be in good hands in the future. We want families – Mums, Dads and their children, to eat and enjoy our quality sausages as we have through the centuries.

We're proud to have been Sizzling for you since 1898.
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